"…these for you, so small and young…"

Earlier this week was Candace`s first Ultrasound examination at the Sajak Pavilion of Anne Arundel Medical Center here in Annapolis.

It was during this occasion that we discovered that our previous estimate of Candace`s burgeoning pregnancy was a trifle early. That is, our own estimation put the child being born towards mid/late December but the technician assured us of a due date somewhere in the first couple weeks of January.

As we were rather early for this Sonogram procedure, it boded poorly for our chances of finding a clear indication of the baby`s gender. Typically, gender is clearly identifiable after 17-20 weeks and we are only at about 15 weeks at this point.

However, even this early in the ftal development, our technician was strongly inclined towards believing the child to be male.

She said that the shape and contours seemed more indicative of male anatomy than female, even at this stage. Or as Gaelynn is fond of explaining (even to complete strangers): “The doctor said that he`s a turtle and not a hamburger, so that means he`s a boy!”

In response to my questions as to the possibility of mistaking one form of undulating shadows for another, the technician used the ultrasound device to reveal additional perspectives and stated that most incorrect indications identify the child as female by default in an absence of anything to the contrary. Such was not the case here.

Taking her reasoning, her training, and her experience into account… I would say that I am nearly convinced that my wife bears a son in her womb, another son who shall carry and pass on the name of my ancestors.

Among the children, there is a rather firm consensus that this next child be a little boy. I knew that Israel wanted a little brother “to play my trains with” but I was surprised at Gaelynn`s particular zeal for us to have another son.

Candace and I, of course, are only concerned with the health and well-being of the child…

…but I do confess that my heart leapt at hearing the possibility of having another son.

May it be, as all things shall be, according to your will LORD.


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