Only for a moment… only for a moment shall I hesitate, hesitate in the midst of the maddening roar of life.

A rolling stone gathers no moss and stars don`t stand still in the sky.

“Reeling is what they say, or is it just my way?”

Today has floated by lazily like a green leaf along a languid river. Moments flickering in the vision of my mind`s eye…

Awakening, a hasty breakfast of tea and doughnuts, dressing the children in their suits and all of us departing to the Beach for a morning swim.

Warm Sun and cool Waters, the grit of the sand underfoot and the glint of saltwater in the corner of the eye… Wife and infant daughter swimming together, eldest daughter walking out into the deeper waters, young son digging for crabs.

The Sun crests the sky and we return home to showers and Luncheon.

Stretching out with a book… relaxing. Naps are taken. Dreaming murmurings of the “wee lass” buried in her father`s tender embrace. The house echoes in its stillness.

Afternoon brings plans of festivities. Meals simmer deliciously in the kitchen; the children begin to stir in excitement.

We venture across the road to the home of my uncle, to carry-on with our carryings-on as such. We talk and laugh into the evening, which finds us partaking of a delicious meal and filling conversation.

The hours lengthen, and we return home in the cool of Night`s shade… sleepy children yawn and saunter upstairs.

My son falls asleep with one shoe off and one shoe on.

Now, I write… I think further of these things.

What has past… What is… What will yet be…

The last twelve-month span has seen me travel quite far, and in distance too. From last August until everything after, I have come a long way. I have left comfort and familiarity, and found both anew. Trading hardship for hardships also, but finding His calling above it all.

My days have been so often filled with endeavors, and yet overflowing with contemplation in the silences.

The voices of my children grow stronger, and they have increased in number… one turned to two, then three and now four. In their wake, I have grown grayer around the temple and brow… lines of laughter begin to crease `cross my face.

I have written my thoughts upon the minds of the young and the old, and drank deep of wisdom eternal…

New tasks and challenges have emerged continually, and I am grateful for them…

My name has become known to others. He has raised me to a position of importance within my community… that I might labor, that I might serve the disadvantaged and minister unto the frail.

By GOD`s Grace, may I provide a lifting up for the downcast and bring His light into dark places. I am entrusted with increasing responsibilities and confronted with vast obstacles, yet He has continued to bless me in greater measure than I can describe… and to Grace, how great a debtor, daily I am constrained to be!

Though pained with the sweet sorrow of leaving a dear fellowship in the departure of July last, He has kept me among His fold.

In this, I have continued to grow in careful discipleship, while also lending my talents into the coffers of His people. My desires are well known to Him, and He grants me that which follows the dictates of His designs.

Even as I am already honored to be in a position of teaching and discipleship within His people, He has seen fit to raise me upward in leadership. Soon I will be responsible for the direction of the evening worship services, a duty I am glad to serve… though it gives me no small trepidation at the significance of such a role.

O, that my reach shall continue to exceed my grasp…

O, that I will be further worn away by hunger and suffering…

O, that conviction will keep me upon my knees in supplication…

O, that I will continue to become who I was born to be.


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