"…not for a seat upon the Dais…"

So… it is fifty-three minutes after five o`clock, and the first day of Summer Camp is winding to a close.

Only a handful of children remain and half of those are the relatives of staff members, including my own children. The last twelve hours have been one action-packed and fun-filled adventure after another. Now that the workday is nearly done, I can pause for a brief moment… to gather my thoughts and to reflect.

The last near-week has been filled with all sorts of activities and various developments, not least of which being my being named the Director of a new Boys & Girls Club here in Annapolis. The timing of this occasion, however, presented me with an immediate array of difficulties… namely, the complexities surrounding the beginning of “Summer Camp” operations at my current Club in the northern part of the county and all the necessary preparations involved in establishing a new club here in the city.

Even though my Assistant Director and I were nearing completion of pre-camp training and organization, there is nothing like “jumping from the frying pan into the fire” to rattle one`s cage… not to mix metaphors or, in this case, idioms.

I have wrought peace on one front, only to leap headlong towards another… and this time, there is a far higher probability of ultimate ruin. Numerous efforts have been made into this community over the last decade, and all have failed. Simply put, I do not have the luxury of failure in this particular endeavor. Even so, only by GOD`s Grace shall this new effort flourish. Non nobis, Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

Standing astride two different footholds, I feel myself begin to strain in the slips. My mind is divided between the day-to-day of one venture, while also contemplating days to come in another. Deadlines rush towards me on all sides, meetings and appointments whirl about like spinning plates… I dash back and forth, trying like mad to maintain the illusion of control.

Out of the window of my office, I see a sparrow flit across the low-slung Sunny horizon with a small twig in his mouth…

I think of myself…

…of the wee little ones in my care…

…of the boys and girls who walk in my sway…

…of the young men and women who give me their ear, in whom my whispers are observed as the utterances of a sage…

…of my fellow laborers in the mighty work, in whom I am granted much quiet rest and sweet reproach…

Though much Grace has already been given, more pours forth in abundance. Inexhaustible and inexpugnable. Flowing… as rivers down a mountain, like the thunderous roll of the Tides.

So, even as the gyre widens, this falcon`s ear remains attentive to Master`s voice. Order and structure are preserved; things keep their place around the Center. Anarchy is suppressed and chaos is brought to heel… and even the worst come to embrace their conviction in a new passionate intensity.


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