So… GOD takes your child by the hand

and pulls her from her deathbed.

and HE says: “Feed her, she is ravenous.”

You give her fruits with thick hides

pomegranate, cantaloupe…

food with weight, to keep her here.

You hope that if she eats enough,

the light and dust and Love

which weave the matrix of her body

will not fray, nor wear so thin

that morning sun breaks through her,

shadowless, complete.

Somehow this reanimation

has cut sharp the fear of Death,

the shock of presence. Feed her

roast lamb, egg, unleavened bread:

forget the herbs, she has an aching

fast to break. Sit by her side,

split skins for her so she can gorge,

and notice how the Dawn

draws color to her just-kissed face.


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