"…it’s a brown-eyed handsome man…"

“…Well, beat the drum and hold the phone, the sun came out today! We`re born again, there`s new grass on the field.

A-roundin` third, and headed for home, it’s a brown-eyed handsome man; anyone can understand the way I feel…”

Last night was my first game playing on the church baseball team. I played Second Base and batted Fifth in the order. It felt good to be playing ball again.

The smell of the leather glove and the infield dirt, the cool of the grass on my feet, the contrast of the ball in a sky of blue, the crack of the bat and the demon-whistle of the ball through the air, the cheers and jeers, the tingle in your arm through the bat as you connect with the ball, running and sliding into the base, snagging a line drive and firing it to the First Baseman.

A boy`s game of the Summer.

I was rusty, to be sure, but it was a time for waking the echoes and shaking off the rust.

Nevertheless, I batted 2-for-4 with a Single, a Double, two Sacrifice Fly-outs, and 3 RBIs. Not bad for a guy about a decade past his prime, but I was most pleased with my defense. My ol` arm was lively enough to make some clutch plays to First, including a rally-killing Double-Play in the bottom of the Seventh inning.

We lost to the Lutherans from St. Martin`s church, 13-12, but we played well. I look forward to our next game.


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