Fanfare for the Common Denominator

My beloved and I attended Andrew`s graduation this afternoon. Set in the deep woods of the Eastern Shore, it was… an interesting affair.

A quaint and curious combination of Old South gentility and New England snobbery. Wine & cheese on the menu, and a parking lot full of SUVs. A haven for nouveau riche Liberals and pompous landed gentry.

Unlike the typical “cap and gown” commencement held in an auditorium or football stadium, the school holds a formal dress ceremony on the rambling grounds of the campus under a vast marquee tent. Instead of a the traditional “Pomp & Circumstance” on piano, the students entered to the accompaniment of Uilleann Pipes being played by a Scottish faculty member in full regalia.

Though I was glad to attend in support of my young cousin, and I enjoyed the company of my extended family, I must also declare my revulsion at the underlying ethos that seemed to drive both the institution its patrons… the elitism and pretension of it all.

An exclusive and exorbitantly expensive private school, hidden away from the grime and madness of the city. The sniffing disdain. The pride and prejudice.


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