The End of the Beginning

Today is the last day of “regular” operations of my Boys & Girls Club, as we will be closed henceforth to prepare for our big Summer Camp extravaganza… which does not start until the last day of June.

In the meantime, there is much to be done in preparation.

Coming to this vantage point, I cannot help but look back from where I have come o`er these last few months… at how the tide has turned.

To think of the struggles of the beginning, and to see the ease that has been fashioned out of what was once such a struggle! To remember the perilous disorder of those calamitous first days, which has been usurped by balance, structure, order, and harmony… an atmosphere of stability and organization.

Having achieved so much in the face of adversity, we are now able to serve as a blessing to many in need. Just last week we provided two hundred families with locally-grown organic produce. Partnering with small local ministries and the county Food Bank, we can provide things of material sustenance as well as that which truly can satisfy. Though it is hardly Summer, I am already making arrangements to provide school supplies this Fall and warm clothes for this Winter.

School-age children and young people, as well as the adults and elder members of the greater community, benefit from all of our various outreach services. Burned bridges have been rebuilt and girded with a steely resolve, bruised sensibilities have been soothed with humble entreaties, fiery resentment and bitter spite have been drowned under a steady shower of abundant Grace… all to His glory.

He has reclaimed a faltering and obscure outpost, deep within a dark corner of hostile territory, and raised a sturdy garrison… and it has only begun.

With my eye always towards the future, I have sought to build inward as well as outward.

Though our numbers have risen steadily and (compared with the other Clubs of our county) we have far-surpassed all previous precedents for fund-raising (no small feat in this grim economy),I desire to build something that goes far beyond merely the force of my will or whatever particular charisma I may or may not possess, for there are whispers that I may not remain in my current position long.

For now… my center operates rather smoothly and at optimal efficiency, with an adroit and well-trained staff that keeps me from having to “micromanage” every insignificant contingency. I am “grooming” my Assistant Director to replace me, and I am confident in her abilities to do so. What is more, I feel secure that the current structure in place will hold for quite some time… with or without me.

There is much gossiping and numerous rumors are adrift… rumors that speak of my being named Director for the main Club in downtown Annapolis, of my being promoted to an Area Director for the Clubs in the North County (an empty position that desperately needs to be filled), of my being the “ideal candidate” (the CEO`s words) to spearhead the establishment of two new Clubs in Annapolis (Admiral Oaks and/or Clay Street) have come to my hearing. I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this.

Only GOD knows what this Summer holds. I may very well remain where I am at for the foreseeable future, or I may be reassigned before the first day of Camp.

For now, the school year has ended, and I await whatever He has in store for me in this long warm season.


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