I aim for the middle…

“…the sceptic cries: `What I want is facts!`

My reply is: `You cannot see them, because your eyes are blinded; but the facts are there none the less.`

If he ridicules my assertion, I am not at all astonished. I expect him to do so, and should have been very much surprised if he had not done so; but I demand respect to my own position as a witness to facts, and I turn upon the objector with the inquiry: `What right have you to deny my evidence?”

– Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Another LORD`s day of enchantment and engagement. Verily, I worshipped amongst the Brethren, singing and praying together… even as I had to step out of the shadows to defend His sheep from ravening wolves. What a day! What a soothing and strenuous day!

To go, in a span of little over an hour and a half, from delineating how the Old Testament prophecies point to aspects of Jesus as Messiah (for a Jewish high school student who was visiting our church with a friend); to working through a series of supposed “contradictions” in the Bible with a “lapsed former member, turned skeptic” (her words) who was visiting the church after a long absence… coming home to find an email from a Deacon`s son, whose faith evaporated almost the moment he began his first college-level Philosophy course.

Between the Youth Group, the College & Career group, and others… I rarely have a shortage of people to talk with about questions and concerns.

It seems that, for all the triumphs of greater Christendom in the West, there is a lamentable shortage of teaching in defending the Gospel against even the most cursory of theological/philosophical challenges. A dearth that, despite my own deficiency and need for continual study, I intend to remedy.

Since joining this church last Summer, I have tried to find my place within its community. Availing myself for all tasks great and small, errant chores and manual labor, as well as child care and seasonal pageantry. If I discern a need or means of assistance, I am always glad to serve in whatever means I am so privileged.

However, I have also sought to work beneath the groundwork to impact foundational issues… asserting myself in various church committees, entreating the church leadership in areas of education, and stressing the urgency of equipping GOD`s People in matters of contention – especially insofar as it concerns personal evangelism. I think, after only a year`s time, we are starting to make discernable progress together.

Recently, the Director of Education approved a set of curriculum geared towards Apologetics for the Youth Group (grades 6-12). Of course, it is along the lines of the Josh McDowell/Norman Geisler “Evidentialist” disciplines… but it`s a start! In addition, my proposal for a Tough Sayings of Jesus discussion group was warmly received by the leadership and will likely be approved for late Summer, as a sort of “back to school” curriculum.

In the meantime, I co-teach the “College & Career” group and am thrilled by the hunger I`ve found to diving deep into the meatier matter of our LORD, and the unwillingness to forgo all study under the false comfort of “mystery” but to strain and struggle with these questions until we find His answers.

These are exciting times, and I delight in what He is doing among His people.


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