My tribe increaseth…

It was in the early morning hours, on the day before Mother`s Day, that Candace found out she would become a mother again… it was soon after this that she shared the blessed news with me.

Another child. One that shall be our fourth living child.

`Tis a strange touch of providence that, not even a fortnight ago, I should dream so lucidly about a child that I did not know was to be born.

Even so, I recall another such “prophetic” dream in the months before the birth of Israel. Will this dream hold to be true? Will it be another lovely little girl? Or perhaps another rough and tumble boy?

Gaelynn, Israel, Sophia… and whom?

We have only just started talking about names… I like William Samuel Lee (to be called “Liam”) for a boy and Anna Lucia (to be called “Lucy”) for a girl but I think that, at this point, our sole priority is the development and well-being of the child.

The results of the test indicated a strong pregnancy and Candace`s health is, as always, quite robust. Nevertheless, this event (though joyous) gives me pause.

I think I shall feel a bit better about things after she has had a preliminary examination from her obstetrician, and once I receive confirmation as to the health of the child…

…in the meantime, my enthusiasm will be guarded.


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