Mother’s Day

Today, in this land, is a day set aside for the formal observation of motherhood… specifically, to honor Mothers in general.

For me, to honor motherhood and mothers is an easy task – as I am a man that has long “revered” his mother, and I remain in perpetual awe at the mother of my own children. I behold how motherhood has blessed my younger sisters, as well as many of my women friends. I have seen motherhood turn many a self-obsessed young woman into a devoted matriarch.

I believe that mothers have a preeminent role in the type of women their daughters become. This is not to discount the vital influence of their fathers, but that the connection between women and their daughters is as singular as that of fathers and their sons. A father may do many things to guide and shape his daughters, but it is the role and example of a mother that has the most long-reaching influence.

For me, this is nothing short of a sacred trust… both within the relationship of a woman with her daughters, as with that woman and her LORD.

To this thought, I consider my own beloved. I watch her with our children, and I see the example and teaching she gives to our daughters… and also to our son, whose perception and understanding of women will, to a large degree, come from what he sees and understands about his own mother.

I thank GOD for her, and for all that He has done (and continues to do) in her life. For all her virtues, frailties, triumphs, and struggles, I marvel at her beauty… and on this day, in the midst of obligations and frivolities, I pause to honor her for what she is to me and to our family.

So have a happy Mother`s Day, my dear sweet Candace… and to my own mother also, to my sisters and to my friends all. Happy Mother`s Day!


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