"…you shall go far, I fear…"

I was thankful and pleased to accept the position of Assistant Director at an area Boys & Girls Club, but I am humbled to the ground to have been quickly promoted after my very first day of work.

Today, upon returning home from a day of meetings and other sorts of administrative protocols, I was welcomed with a phone call from one of the “higher-ups” in the main office… it seems I am to be removed from my current cushy Assistant Director position and I shall be “thrown to the wolves” as the Director of a facility that is on the verge of collapse.

A promotion, of sorts… not unlike being “promoted” from working quietly along the periphery of a minor skirmish, to being given full command of a battalion behind enemy lines in a siege; instead of slowly learning the ropes, I shall be bound in a Gordian Knot.

I could easily wax “eloquent” with more such distended metaphors as the previous, but I think I have overstated myself sufficiently for now.

Verily I shall receive greater benefits and salary than previously thought, but greater still the difficulty and responsibility of my title. Sure as I am given free reign to do what I deem prudent, yet also shall I bear the blame for any and all failures that my actions bring to pass.

I am told that if this work succeeds or fails, it rests upon my shoulders. Even as I understand this with my reasoning mind, I know its ultimate untruth. Even so…

Looking upon the far horizon, I think I can see a bright future for myself in this calling. The sentiments I have received from others thus far, at still so new a partnership, leads me to believe that I can accomplish much within these ranks.

However, there is now a grueling mission before me… one that I can already see shall require many late nights and early mornings.

As such, I can only wonder at just how well I shall be able to keep this internal chronicle, if at all… Time will tell.


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