Fare Thee Well

Today is my last day of work at the school at which I have served as a Teacher and mentor to the many troubled students in my care. I will be starting my new position upon the forthcoming Monday, and have been graciously released by my current employers to take this wonderful opportunity at my earliest convenience.

I have hesitated to inform the student body of my departure, for I anticipated rightly that it would be met with a variety of emotions and behaviors… and so it has. Some tears have been shed (by colleagues and students alike) in addition to the thinly-veiled blustering machismo of the older boys… several of whom take puff-chested credit for “running off” the “big bad Wolf” named Mr. Prosser.

My feet are light and my shoulders are back. I do not leave this place gladly, nor do I lament the circumstances that have precipitated my departure. The events recent days have shown me that GOD is leading me elsewhere… that there are others whom I must serve and avail myself.

Lead on, sweet LORD, lead on. The battle is Yours.


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