Living For A Working

Last week I accepted an offer of full-time employment from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis as an Assistant Director for a club in the local vicinity; I am to start work this coming Monday (March 31st).

While this position includes the usual administrative remunerances (base salary, insurance benefits, paid holidays/vacations), it is the promise of advancement that seems most intriguing.

My new “boss” (the current Director) has informed me that a requisite of my acceptance is the understanding that I am being “groomed” to replace her, thus enabling her own upward mobility.

The ambitions of others notwithstanding, I vaguely sense the opportunity for my own advancement, and I savor the possibility of further evading that grand pyramid scheme known as “higher” formal education (though there are numerous “tuition waivers” and free “academic enrichment” programs for employees). However, I will still likely be pursuing my Degree… albeit, mostly through inexpensive “Distance Education” alternatives.

That said, I cannot overstate just how delighted I am at the possibilities that this new development entails…

Even though the salary is hardly extravagant (especially in a city as expensive/wealthy as Annapolis) it is a salary; that is to say, it is a standardized schedule of compensation that is not contingent upon the independent variables of trivial misfortune (illness, bad weather, and so forth).

What is more, this rise in household income enables Candace to work much less and be able to spend more time at home with our family. The venerable responsibilities of Housewifery notwithstanding, she will also have ample opportunity for all the various ambitions and endeavors that have, as yet, been relegated to rare small instances of spare time.

Oddly enough, this new situation will actually grant me more “spare” time as well. While higher a position, in both status and responsibilities, the hours are far more accommodating than almost any other post I have occupied. I will not need to report to the facility any earlier than the late morning hours before Noon, and I will be home no later than the Supper hour. This means that my family will be able to both arise in the morning and bed down in the evening together.

Ah me… no more hasty pre-Dawn departures, where I am gone for the better part of a day and miss waking my children up… no more bleary-eyed late Nights, solemnly awaiting my beloved`s homeward return. Despite the fact that Candace will still be working an occasional early-morning “opening” shift at Das Kaffehaus, she will return in plenty of time for us to all share Breakfast together.

My being home for all of us to sit down at Supper as a family is also wonderful, as is the freedom to share our evenings together – in everything from church activities and outreach programs, to such simple leisures as taking the kids out for ice cream cones and walking around Downtown. These pleasures have been achingly rare of late, and I look forward to them becoming the rule instead of the exception.

O, Time. Yes… it is this benefit that I most hope to reap from this position. Time.

For whatever personal, professional, or financial enhancement that comes of this – it is the Time that is most valuable to me.

I can gain and spend a windfall of money, I can enlarge my credentials and lose reputation, I can win renown and fall into utter irrelevance… but Time, once lost, is never to be found nor redeemed again.

My time with my family… with my friends… with the Brethren… is precious. My LORD understands this, and He has graciously answered my prayers. There is so much going on right now, and it is a thrill to see what GOD is doing.

Knowing these things, may this new wealth of Time be thus engaged to His Glory… in how I love my wife and nurture my children, in how I serve my Brethren and community, in the labor He has now set before me.


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