Earlier today, I devoted the entirety of my Luncheon hour to writing a journal entry on some recent developments. I wrote the entry, proofread the text, did a quick revision of a paragraph or two, and saved the file to my email account (as I am unable to access my journal from the school`s Server).

Whatever I did, I did wrong… because the file disappeared into the electronic haze of the coaxial cables.

Nearly thirty minutes of work… a rather long time (for me) to devote to a single journal entry. 875 words… gone.

A hasty attempt to retrieve the tone and timbre of the entry was infuriatingly fruitless, and I could only skulk about for the latter part of the afternoon.

Now, having a small portion of my evening whereupon I might cobble together some essence of what was meant to be communicated earlier, I find myself completely and totally blocked.

I cannot write. My frustration has rendered me utterly mute.

So I am not even wasting another moment trying.

I am going to gather my children up, and go for a walk down to the Beach.

We will come home when it gets too dark, and I will make them Supper. After which, we shall read books and play games together.

Their mother will be home by around Bedtime, and we shall spend some time together before I surrender to sleep.

Perhaps… perhaps, things will be better tomorrow.


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