"…Argos, talasiphronos kuôn…"

Please welcome the newest addition to Prospero House: Argos Midnight, a whelp of only seven weeks of age.

I named him Argos r gos (pronounced AR-goss), after the creature of undying loyalty found within Homer`s Odyssey (book 17, verse 291a). Gaelynn contributed his middle name, in reference to his glimmering black coat.

He is, as is his master, a mutt of fine breeding. A father of a Mastiff/Pit Bull mixture (bred for fighting) and a mother of docile Labrador/Coonhound extraction.

Genetically, this points to an animal with the powerful frame and the stoic bearing typical of Mastiffs; though the Pit Bull blood gives him a fierce temper when provoked. The Lab gives him a playful spirit and amiable nature, and I look forward to developing the “many-eyed” natural tracking talents of the Coonhound that resides within.

The children, of course, are ecstatic – as we have long delayed this decision for a variety of reasons and circumstances… now, we decided, is the time to introduce a “family pet” into our household.

He shall be a companion and friend, one of the foremost purposes I believe the LORD made creatures such as dogs, and I hope my family will enjoy him for many days to come.

So now… welcome to the family, little Argos.


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