"…all freshly steeped in morning dews…"

Mood: jovial and convivial…

Weather: clear and cool, a bright Sunny day…

Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Listening To: Miserere by Henryk Grecki

We are less than a fortnight from the “official” first day of the Spring-tide of the Mid-Atlantic (described, to me, as occurring no earlier than April Fool`s Day).

Our vernal equinox coming only two days hence, I tremble at the thought of sunnier days to come. It seems so long since I rested in the warmth of the Sun`s light, and even our milder days seem a swelter compared to this too-long Winter. Even so, there is much to do…

Concerning the Indoors, there is a certain amount of “spring cleaning” that is needed – in combination with some plans for rearranging. There still remains a lot of assorted junk in the garage (as well as some stuff in the basement) that belongs to our Landlord and needs to be cleared out.

I would like to start the Spring with all the windows having been given a good once over. They are not that dirty but we inherited a little bit of grime and haze from the previous tenants and I would like to have the windows sparkle.

We are converting the large “utility room” in the North Wing (which has, thus far, served only as storage) into the Master Bedroom, and adapting the upstairs bedrooms for only the children. The groundwork for this undertaking has already been laid, and it should not give us much difficulty.

Our “back room” needs to be finished also, as it is our plan to make it a proper Library. While it is more than halfway there, it is my hope to have it completed before Spring`s ending (at the latest).

However, the main indoor project will be the complete repainting of several rooms in the house – but I do not intend to kick over that can o` worms until at least the beginning of Summertime.

In addition, I plan to “whitewash” the entirety of the outside of the house. Our Landlord has generously offered to provide all the paint (both indoors and out) and even contribute towards the labor involved.

Which brings me to the outdoors…

I will leave much of the exposition on the outdoor projects for my beloved, as many of these endeavors yet remain in the formative stages and there are a lot of things that we are still ruminating upon.

At the outset, I think it is most important that we attempt to undo much of the damage our grounds have suffered due to neglect and misuse: weeds pulled, branches & hedges trimmed, flowerbeds cleaned out. A lot of the sort of work we had wanted to do in the early days of last Autumn, but were unable to due to the monumental tasks involving getting acclimated to Annapolis.

There is a considerable amount of tilling to be done, and soon! We are going to have a rather large vegetable & herb garden, in addition to several new flower beds. One specific plan of mine is to grow Morning Glories up the windows of the Library and running along the Northern wall of the house… but, as I mentioned earlier, there is still much to be decided in matters of our horticultural plans.

Along with the aforementioned exterior painting, there are also a few minor structural issues I have been contemplating much of late. Nothing that presses itself as urgent, but the sort of things that must be dealt with forthright while they remain yet minor… lest they escalate into far more pressing concerns.

The renewal of the land found in the season of Spring offers us the blessing of stewardship towards this sweet little plot of Earth in which the LORD has placed us.


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