"…tastes of this Breakfast all day long…"

Mood: of heart and stomach full…

Weather: bright and blustery Sunny day…

Reading: Love is a Wild Assault by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland

Listening To: Shining Star by Earth Wind & Fire

`Twas by the harmonious combination of favorable scheduling and fortuitous circumstance that I was able to make this month`s “Men`s Prayer Breakfast” at our church. While I have oft-desired to attend this function, the simple fact that my wife typically “opens” at Das Kaffeehaus (most Saturdays) has precluded my attendance thus far.

I arrived a few minutes before eight o`clock, and there was already a good turnout in the Lounge area; people were milling about and talking. I saw fellow Missions Committee member Ms. Lynn Keckler immediately and she introduced me to our other special guest for the morning, a Mr. Dan Ellis from Habitat for Humanity.

Everett Golihew and Tom Antonielli were rushing about, putting the finishing touches on the Breakfast; all while the men gradually ambled towards the tables and found their seats. Everett led us in a prayer of thanks, and we all partook of a delicious and “healthy” meal.

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, and fresh fruit; all prepared to perfection by our culinary “artist-in-residence” chef Zach Pope (with the more-than-capable assistance of Everett and Tom). I ate my fill, accompanied by coffee and orange juice; enjoying the terrific food almost as much as the pleasant company of friends and Brethren.

After we had eaten, Mr. Ellis took the floor to talk with us about the many exciting endeavors being undertaken by our local Habitat for humanity chapter; giving us background on the various projects that have been going on `til now, and speaking to the vision we share for future service to the greater Annapolis community.

Mr. Ellis spoke well, answering numerous specific and detailed questions while also communicating the passion and ardent resolution of Arundel Habitat. Indeed, it was a most profitable morning; with various connections being made and others reinforced.

As for myself, I came away with a strong feeling of accomplishment as to just what the days to come shall bring… and I feel that I was not alone in this.


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