Winter of Contentment

Mood: chilled to the bone…

Weather: folded close under deepening snow…

Reading: Gentlemen & Players by Joanne Harris

Listening To: Handwriting by Rachel`s

The warriors of Winter continue to thrash about in final mute nostril agony, sending Nor`easter gales and heavy snowfall. The snow is already thick enough to cover your shoe, and still it continues in a steady swirling downpour.

I was out-and-about over this past evening and early-early morn… as such, I am still shaking out the cold that has nestled itself in my sodden feet and aching fingers. My face is blushed by the fierce East Winds and a few scattered dribble-glimmerings of snow and ice slowly melt into the black maelstrom of my hair.

Though still quite early, I have already made inquiries into my place of business to confirm that, yes, classes are cancelled for today and this day is free to be mine own. Lovely and delicious reprieve from a long week that has raged and undulated in feast and famine.

I was sick for much of last weekend…

After suffering a rather fierce episode of food poisoning, my immunities were defenseless to the onslaught of a flu-like virus that filled my lungs with mucous and raised my temperature into realms of dementia and night sweats. I warred with this sickness with the utmost of my being… running laps around my house at breakneck speed until I had my fever dissolve into a clammy sweat; another time eating a handful of Jalapeos and burying myself in heavy blankets.

My beloved was attentive and prudent in caring for me, such that the illness was well-conquered before the close of the weekend. Huzzah!

However, the timing of both this infirmity and the inclement weather is most inopportune…

…I missed the wall-raising of Arundel Habitat`s 100th house, where-with I had hoped to meet-up with Timm Kostenko to discuss some further ventures with our church in the downtown Clay Street area.

Monday night I have an emergency business meeting with the rest of the Light House Board of Directors, we`re very close to finalizing the plans to build a new and expansive shelter facility… there`s only a few details to be worked out, and it is my earnest desire to get it done Monday evening so we can break ground before Spring.

There`s also our church`s Easter Pageant that is currently in production. Candace is both 1st AD and Stage Manager, in addition to playing the Samaritan Woman. I had hoped to sit this production out, but my wife had little trouble enlisting me to play Simon of Cyrene – fortunately, it is only a bit part.

I also have a lot of work to do in preparation for the Mission`s Conference (our church is hosting) and Youth Conference (in Ocean City) towards month`s ending. I have various projects in the works for each of these conferences, including a number of presentations to give on behalf of the Missions Committee. Uh, speaking of which… we meet in just a few days, I really need to go finish my monthly report.

Each day fades and blends into the next, the mad crash of tasks and duties (and even our leisure ventures) break long spans of hours into a hasty pudding of flickering moments that pass so quickly… leaving me struck numb with awe and terror.

One must fight this, with a practiced and deliberate slowness that seeks to nibble methodically at the seconds and suckle gently at the sweet wine of minutes.

To steal oneself away from the breathtaking crush of errands, into gentle slow moments with one`s sweet beloved Souls.


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