Dollars & Sense

Mood: eager and nervous…

Weather: gentle Spring sends promises of her coming…

Reading: No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

Listening To: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) by Ray LaMontagne

Our income tax return has arrived, the government returning the money it borrowed from us over this past fiscal year. This year`s return is a sizable sum, easily besting any previous year`s… verily Candace and I put in a lot of hours “on the job” over the last twelve months.

The question now is… how are we going to spend this little windfall?

Of course, there are the immediate concerns of our household Budget that will be served foremost, but beyond that… Candace and I have allowed our imaginations to consider ways in which this money could aide and enhance our lifestyle.

The first of which would be to pay off the remaining balance on our Van. We owe less than a thousand and with one “lump sum” payment we could rid ourselves of a tedious monthly expense. In addition, we could start to repair the damages our poor vehicle suffered at our cruel hands during the great Death March of 2007. I would also really like to replace the front grill and get the A/C fixed before the warm temperatures begin to arrive.

Furthermore, I would like to be able to purchase some of the materials needed for the assorted projects we have around the house. Nothing that is in and of itself very large, just a few various elements that are necessary. Of course, we are going to paint several of the rooms this Summer, but there is no sense in getting into all that until Spring has come. I would like to begin replacing my long-lost set of Tools as well – as there is only so much we are able to do with a piecemeal set.

There is also the matter of clothing to be considered. My dress shirts are wearing out from use and most of my pants are frayed along the edges; Candace`s wardrobe has been neglected also. The children will need some warm weather clothes by Spring, but they are fine for the moment. We will have to weed-out our closets and assess what we “need” versus what we “want” in the clothing department.

In matters of recreation, I have begun to make inquiries into joining the St. John`s College Fencing Union with Gaelynn and Israel. It is open to the public and available to all-ages, with equipment and instruction provided. I am also in the process of acquiring a family membership to a local Karate school. There`s also a nearby Pilates facility that a colleague referred to me as being excellent for married couples.

Of course, there are some other scrolls and baubles that I would like to purchase – and thanks to the “used & new” feature of a certain bookseller, I should be able to acquire a few of them for a fraction of their worth.

Throw in a “night on the town” for my beloved and I, and that should be about it for our exorbitance… hopefully having held back just enough to give us a small cushion going into Summer months. I am planning sightseeing trips to DC and Philly for the family, and we will most likely be having multiple intervals of company.


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