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I`m not really much of a fan of Intarweb memes such as polls, quizzes, and whatever other sorts of “social engineering” takes place outside of my particular context. Internet, for me, is both a tool as well as a creative medium… but aside from the occasional humorous diversion, the largesse of media dribbles hold little interest from me.

That said, I am also inundated daily with everything from bizarre images and amusing videos to banal horoscopes and overly-sentimental glurge… not least of these are the maddening array of “getting to know you” polls and quizzes.

Since I got my first email address in the Autumn of `96, I have had my future proscribed and my intelligence quantified in numerous diverse ways. If such means are to be trusted, I am an extremely desirable “genius” who needs only to click the flashing link to find out the name of my secret crush.

My students are a purer breed than those of my generation, or those previous. For them, a MySpace account is as much a birthright as a cellular phone or iPod. Moreover, I reckon there are few of them that know of the quietness of being unplugged from it all… if only for a while.

I think my students regard me as a strange character – for though I can easily converse with them in the parlance of this brave new technological world, I am rather trenchant in dismissing much of its more vacuous particulars. My school email address is public record for them, and my popularity with the general student body ensures that my Inbox is scarcely empty.

However, there is one thing, of late, that has snagged my attention. A certain email titled “FWD:FW:RE:FW:ultimate personality quiz!!!!” has passed my way countless times in recent months, having been forwarded to, from, and between the student body/faculty of our campus.

I may wonder at many of the sillier trifles of my students` interest – but if wishing to know more about me is their aim, than I shall be glad to oblige.

Thus follows the “Ultimate Personality Quiz” a meandering superficial hodge-podge of data and inquiry:

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First Day Of The Year

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New Year`s Day

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