Reading List: nullus

I am not sure how much longer I will be keeping so close an account on what I read – that is to say, in written form.

The sidebar listing which records the books I read each month (and, as such, each year) does a more than adequate job of keeping them quantified – not to mention the combined efforts of the Library Thing and Visual Bookshelf online utilities.

Ideally, I had hoped to be able to offer some critique and analysis to what I had read… but the various changes I have made (and continue to make) to my lifestyle are increasingly encroaching upon the amount of leisure time I have to sit down and write. A cursory glance at the days to come shows this pattern to only increase in magnitude.

Were I one whose occupation kept him at a desk or before a computer for hours at a time, I would likely be more capable of sifting my thoughts for insights and rationales of certain works. As it is, I am engaged in varied diverse pursuits, none of which includes much sitting down or writing.

Perhaps if/when I acquire a laptop or other form of electronic peripheral, it will better suit me… as it is, a marginal public listing and cognitive personal recollection shall have to suffice.


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