Valhalla I Am Coming!

Mood: reveling in a “hot Tea on a cold Winter`s evening” euphoria…

Weather: intermittent snow rustles blustery against my window…

Reading: The History of the Church by Eusebius

Listening To: Immigrant Song, by Led Zeppelin

I have only a flickering moment to put down a few words, but I had resolved earlier in the morning hours to make some account before today`s ending – even if it be far more artifice than art, or merely a catalogue of trifles rather than an elegant tapestry of the gilded threads of existence…

BrainPop is a website (registration required) recently brought to my attention, and I was able to acquire a login through the school where I work. Israel loves the games and all the other amusements, but his primary fixation is an orange robot named Moby. BrainPop is a great educational playground for children, offering cheery entertainment as well as information overload in primary colors.

Gaelynn has developed a burgeoning interest in the game of Chess over the last few months – a spark that was fanned into flames by a marathon thirty-minute game she played with her Uncle George after Christmas dinner. While she still only possesses a basic understanding of the game, she has taken Shredder to a Stalemate on more than one occasion.

The only such “toys” I have made much use of in the last couple months have been our local area Craig`s List, either to find free stuff (especially furniture) or research part-time employment opportunities to supplement my paltry income. I also like to check out what “Timmy Grins” is up to down on Clay Street, and to follow the local “gossip” at Annapolis Now.

Oh… there is also the 50 states in 10 minutes test (not that I had much difficulty with it) as well as Pandora and GraceNotes (for finding new music or to see what music is popular in your area, respectively), nothing of much consequence but pleasant enough little diversions for a rainy (or, in this case, a snowy) day.

As far as more serious concerns… I serve on the “Missions” committee at my church, and we have several projects in the works for both Habitat For Humanity and the Lighthouse Shelter – not least of which is a fundraiser Luncheon next weekend in the Fellowship Hall of the church, followed by a Super Bowl party at the Pastor`s home.

Well… my wee ones, who have been chasing each other throughout the upstairs and downstairs of the house, are now clamoring for my affections and attentions. There was some agreement made about a “Viking” game (that Gaelynn had invented) concerning my participation… and so I will draw this to a close.

Each day`s tasks, responsibilities, and leisures occupy too much of my hours for me to be able to fulfill the lofty expectations of former chronicles. I am left only with half-digested and poorly-chewed remnants of such a feast of a life.

Pithy, but adequate.


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