a voice that breaks from the snow-wet clod

Mood: cheerily laconic…

Weather: cold and ashen, with a steady snowy downpour…

Reading: The Drive Within Me by Bob Pettit

Listening To: Falling Slowly, by Glen Hansard & Markta Irglov

The weather here sure can get weird sometimes. Weird weather. Winter weather weirdness.

I wish somebody could explain to me why the local weather forecasts are unbelieveably incompetant. I don`t know if it`s because I am used to being smack dab in the middle of the meteorological industry that is in Oklahoma – but, more often than not, the weather projections here are almost completely off-base.

You can bet if they say rain, it`s gonna be warm and dry; if sunny, you better bring your umbrella.

Only a few minutes ago, I was talking with a co-worker (the chair of our Sciences department) about this and he mentioned that the close proximity to the Sea makes the local climate difficult to forecast.

Apparently, the warm and cold currents have a lot to do with just how well the projections hold up – and since they are equally unpredictable, well… I guess science just ain`t an exact science.

However, this fails to explain why current satellite images are equally inaccurate. Right now, I am looking at the radar for my area (with the correct timestamp) and it indicates light rain. I am looking out the window and I see heavy snow. I dunno, go figure.

All in all, today has been a rather harried one for me thus far. While the students have been engaged with their Semester finals, I have been rushing from one end of the school to the other in various staff meetings and curriculum committees. As I have passed to-and-fro, my glance has often fallen casually out the window at the curious developments of this Winter`s day.

Earlier in the week, the Sun was shining brightly against partially clouded skies… while huge crystalline snowflakes powdered the campus. It held long enough for the students to flail about and war in uproarious snowball engagements, before yielding to dark skies and a hard flat rain that rendered it all into a mushy mess.

Over the hours that have passed in this early quatrain of the workday, it has been more of the same consistent inconsistency. A mild sunny Sunrise has fallen into the shadow of a gray glacial morning. The skies have grown darker and I have seen the droplets turned into sleet, and then into large well-formed circular snowflakes.

This afternoon, when my work is done, I shall take the long way home. Driving down shady tree-lined backroads, wending and weaving through the powdery roadways until I reach the coastline.

I will walk out to the water and watch the rolling surf catch the vanishing white blossoms of Winter.


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