First Day Of The Year

Today is the first day of the, as tradition dictates, two thousand and eighth year of our LORD.

Resolutions? Many, of course… I make new resolutions with each turn of my tempestuous moods.

New plans within plans, adjustments to circumstances and adaptations with the increase of awareness and/or understanding of an occurance or issue. Circles within circles, squared.

The Old Year`s gone away to nothingness and night,

we cannot find him all the day nor hear him in the night,

he left no footstep, mark or place, in either shade or sun…

…the last Year had a neighbour`s face, but now is known by none.

Last year brought me its fullness, in joys and grievance – and now I stand upon the precipice of a new span of time, marveling at the wonders I have yet to know.

Come now, the dance begins…


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