"…hold on to these moments as they pass…"

Mood: weary and weepy…

Weather: a howling North wind, with a stinging light snowfall…

Reading: The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Listening To: Symphony #5 (opus 165) by Alain Hovhaness

Hovering above the crescendo.

Waiting for the sweet and lowdown comedown from a high Season of joy and peace.

Late sunrisings and early settling Suns.

Gentle quietness amongst dear company, a roaring clamor in solitude.

A long December, a dark cold Winter, a bright evening`s light. Short days in a long December.

Sophia`s clear pale blue eyes contrasted against amber tones of firelight and hazy warmth; Israel`s mad mane of golden brown blown asunder out on the Docks of the Bay; Gaelynn quietly curling her long frame against me, furrowing her brow as she reads about a Lion beating a Unicorn all about the town; Candace full-of-grace moving smoothly above the rush, smiling and loving every soul she meets…

I, sleepless and haunted, a black-eyed dilettante and master of nothings. Words, words, words and a plentiful lack of wit.

Flakes of falling snow lick and icily flicker against the windows, tossed about into the wind`s welcome. Further down the hill, waves crash against the rocks and sandy shore.

Our home sighs in deep fragrant breaths of sleepy children and mournful longings.



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