Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Mood: thinking upon all that I have gained…

Weather: a cold, cloudless, and starry starry night…

Reading: A River Runs Through It by Norman MacLean (thanks Allan!)

Listening To: Messiah by George Friedrich Hndel

Christmas day has come and gone, leaving echoes of laughter and other glad reverberations in its wake.

This is the first yuletide season that my family and I have celebrated here in Annapolis.

Verily, it has been one to remember.

Left to myself at a late hour, I contemplate the days that have past amid the scraps of wrapping paper and crumbs of sugarplums.

The twinkles of the lights are but simple glimmerings compared to the radiance I have felt in this holy season.

Graciously do I cherish the wonderful gifts I have received from dear ones…

…a Brother gave me a book I have long desired to own, a Sister sent some delicious homemade Apple Butter (my favorite preserve), not to mention the prize Vintages of my uncle`s giving.

In addition, the gift of living here has been wondrous… Annapolis remains yet a flower whose petals I have only begun to explore, and I am still getting to know the people whose acquaintance I have gained.

Furthermore, I am thankful GOD has brought us to such a loving and caring flock, with whom we can share our struggles and our rejoicing. With whom we can labor to further His work in the world.

However, of all the dulcet joys and delights I have savored thus far, it is for the Time itself that I am the most grateful.

Thank you, LORD… Amen.


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