His Praises We Shall Sing

Mood: deeply moved…

Weather: all is shrouded in a heavy mist, as if in a dream…

Reading: the Gospel of Luke

Listening To: Sing We Christmas by Chanticleer

Today, in the midst of our regular worship services, the choir regaled the congregants with a spirited cantata praising the birth of our Messiah. My beloved, of course, sang loudest and sweetest of all.

I do not think I can ably express the affection I feel for her when she sings, especially as she sings in a choir. Since marrying in `99, we have only attended a few churches that have maintained regular choirs – but she has been a member of every one.

She once mentioned to me that she sometimes finds it difficult to vocally harmonize with a group, as the timbre and pitch of her voice lend themselves more to lead than to harmony… but it is precisely this, in my opinion, that makes her such an asset to any chorale arrangement.

Thankful am I to have found a church that has not forgotten the rich musical traditions of our Faith. Everything from the elegant power of Hndel to the earthy sweetness of Go Tell It On The Mountain

…of subdued instrumentation, but full-throated singing; of music that doesn`t bring one`s attention to the performers at the front of the sanctuary, but drives one`s tear-softened eyes skyward to the empyrean Heavens.

During these recent weeks, I have delighted in the music of this time of Season. I love all good strong Hymns o` the Faith, but the Carols that celebrate the Savior`s birth are, for me, like a good cup of tea on a cold Winter`s morn.


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