"…to cheer dark Winter`s lonely hours…"

Mood: bucolic…

Weather: cold and cloudy, but otherwise nondescript…

Reading: The Winter`s Tale by William Shakespeare

Listening To: A Swinging Christmas by Glenn Miller

Of the many things I have had to acclimate to since moving to the Northeast, the late Sunrises and early Sunsets have probably done more to disrupt the particular “circadian” rhythms I had developed after living in the South most of my life.

It feels as though I am daily reminded that the earth is round and, as such, the relationship with the Sun is bound to be different the more one shifts about the surface. No more has this been brought to bear than during the Winter, for the Dawn`s rays do not come until it is nearly time for Breakfast – and Dusk has set before we have even sat for our Supper.

Today, I am told, is the shortest day of the year: the Winter Solstice – and upon my beloved`s return home this afternoon, we shall be departing out in an early evening for some errands and frivols.

I think that this early darkness shall not encroach upon the Light that we celebrate in this, and every, season… for His light shines forth even in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome Him.


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