Of Whom The World Is Not Worthy

Mood: stirred in mind and heart…

Weather: winds howl sadness over storm-tossed Seas…

Reading: Vit Columba by Adomnn of Iona

Listening To: Puer Natus In Bethlehem by Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

I received a letter from a dear brother in Uganda telling me of the LORD`s work among those in his care – but chastened with such glad tidings as running water, an abundant harvest, and joyous worship services were news of the trials of our Brethren elsewhere in Africa.

This brother wrote me of a visit he paid to a friend and fellow laborer in Sudan, imprisoned for building a Christian church in an Islamic nation. Of how this minister was eventually offered release but elected to stay voluntarily imprisoned so that he could continue to disciple the new believers that he had gained during his confinement.

Yet even tempered with this glimmer of light in the midst of darkness is the tale this minister told of a Sudanese Christian boy that was kidnapped by Muslim extremists and severely beaten. After rendering this fourteen-year-old boy unconscious, they nailed his knees and feet to a board… leaving him to die.

The boy said he forgave them, because his LORD was nailed to the Cross and asked His Father for the forgiveness of His tormentors.

As I read these words in the silence of my safe comfortable house, my thoughts turn to other testimonies I have read of late…

The missionary in Columbia who, when kidnapped and told she only has two hours to live, tells her captors that she will spend it telling them about Jesus. After only a few minutes of evangelizing to them, she is told to be silent or she will be killed – when she refuses to be silent, the kidnappers lose their nerve and flee.

Of Zaur Balaev, a pastor imprisoned in Azerbaijan under exceedingly harsh conditions, imprisoned for the crime of preaching the Gospel. Balaev`s family has had to pay the prison egregious “punitive fees” to supply him with such basic provisions as food and blankets. His family reports that Balaev is in frail health and has been delayed repeatedly in seeing a physician.

The ministers I read of in the Hassan district of Karnataka (India) who were seized by a group of Hindu activists and beaten during a raid of local Christian churches. Police arrived on the scene and charged the ministers with attempting to forcibly convert Hindus to Christianity. The men were incarcerated without medical care but, upon their recent release, refused to press charges… stating that they had forgiven their attackers and still wish to speak with them about Jesus Christ.

Stories such as these are neither rare nor exceptional, save for that common thread that share in the glory of our LORD. May His name evermore be praised, and may such dear saints continue to abide in Him, living testimonies of that most holy Name.


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