"…all this vain parade…"

Christmas took to the open water last night as the 25th annual Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade celebrated the season in seafaring style.

Gathering along every dock, nook and cranny of Annapolis Harbor an estimated 30,000 watched 40 boats show off ambitious light displays…

…followed by a magnificent fireworks display and festivities that lasted late into the night.

Anyone that has spent any amount of time in and around the Docks of the city of late could not help but notice the feverish rush of activity, as residents of all demographic strata have garnished watercraft of diverse make and model.

Some of the crafts stuck to Maryland themes. One boat had an animated crab, a dancing box of Old Bay seasoning and displayed some Baltimore-ese with the emblazoned message: “Here Comes Santy Claus, Hon.” Another had a distinct Annapolis feel by turning itself into a soaring Navy Blue Angel.

Other entries went for humor, such as a boat that had an animated display of the cartoon family “The Simpsons” unsuccessfully trying to light a Christmas tree. One notable entrant opted for simplicity: a diminutive two-man boat with a tiny green Christmas tree.

Personally, my favorites was the Crew team from St. John`s College that fashioned their crimson “racing shell” into an official Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred shot range model Air rifle – with an accompanying placard that bemoaned the possibility of one`s eye being shot out.

The event started in 1981 when Jimmy Langer decorated his houseboat and `trolled it around the city harbor – since then, local sailors have braved everything from frozen water to gale-force winds to create one of the signature Christmas events for Annapolis.


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