The Season For The Reason

He came to us in humble estate, born in a barn to a newly married couple of meager means… but as the world slept in darkness, its Savior breathed His first breath.

I have heard, of late, many ardent and earnest pleas of my brethren extolling various theological concerns of everything from the supposed pagan origins of “Christ`s mass” to the perception of some vast secular crusade against the innate religious aspects of the season.

As for myself, being one who does observe this Advent season, I yearn to observe it in honor of the LORD.

Even as I would hope to honor His birth, life, death, and resurrection with every day of my life, I would also mark the time of His coming with abundant joy and solemn contemplation.

It is not my desire to cast my energies into any of the various extremes. Instead, I would enjoy the company of loved ones and be of good cheer, while also finding time for solitude in sober meditation upon the newborn King that came to save – chastening myself in preparation for another blessed new year in His service.

Whether Jesus Christ was born exactly on December twenty-fifth or not, it does not ultimately matter – what matters is that He was born, that He did die, and that He has risen again.

Let the words of the venerable old Carol ring in our ears as we think upon His birth:

“…this, this is Christ the King,

Whom shepherds guard and angels sing;

haste, haste, to bring Him praise,

the Babe, the Son of Mary…”

This is the glory of Christmastime for me: the wonder of His incarnation celebrated in formal observance over a span of day at the crescendo of the year.

For even as the coming of Messiah should be with us every day, going forth in charity and festivity, let us also celebrate this Yuletide season to the glory of GOD.


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