"…thunder through the splintered streets…"

Mood: Scrumtrelescent

Weather: Silver-gray clouds roll over the crashing Sea…

Reading: District & Circle: Poems, by Seamus Heaney

Listening To: My Moon My Man, by Lesli Feist

Today is a good day…

…I arose in the morning hours with an urge for going. Autumn`s chill has long since chased the Summer to the South in windswept gray rainy days, but today was the first day I have had sufficient leisure to partake of the season`s radiant beauty.

The children were asleep, breathing softly through sniffling noses; my beloved slept also, exhausted from working late the night before. With stealth, I crept through the house – finding my sandals and my heavy overcoat before heading down to the beach.

After a long week of bitter cold rains, the Sun`s intermittent breaking through the clouds is a welcome sight. I watch the mists rise slowly above the headlands, as the great Northern wind roars in my ears.

Some gulls hover about, lazily pecking at the few paltry remnants of aquatic life left strewn in the Sea churned sands. The tide is still rather far out, though the distant offshore storm continues to send waves crashing ferociously along the rocks and barrier reefs.

As I remove my sandals and wade out into the water, a painful chill races up the length of my spine. I laugh.

Gazing out to the horizon, I think of my children… who continue to grow taller and stronger. With each day I discern some new aspect of their flowering minds and I yearn to understand them fuller.

So much has transpired in their young lives, especially of late, and I marvel at how they have acclimated themselves to their new environs and community.

I remember the first time I brought them to this beach… their careful halting steps and wariness of the persistent rolling waves, soon giving way to a rapturous embrace and frolic. Such has been our time here thus far… tentative hesitance of an ever-guarded enthusiasm, and great care in all of our doings.

The months hasten and the Season`s mark the Time. September has come and gone, October lingers only for a little while longer… what was once a breathy green Summer has faded into a brisk golden Autumn, and yet portents of a long frigid Winter already show themselves.

Moments strung along reveal days vanishing into weeks as a vapor, Time has its way with me… as always.


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