Choose A Firm Cloud Before It Falls…

Mood: Weary and listless from a hard day`s work…

Weather: Autumn is shaking the leaves from her hair…

Reading: The Princeton Theology (1812 – 1921), edited by Mark Noll, Ph.D.

Listening To: Lifeline, by Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

It seems I have two roads before me…

My current job is stable enough. It doesn`t really pay that well nor do I have much in the way of “benefits” but it is a vocation that permits me to give something of myself in the service of others. To teach and, in so doing, to turn darkness into light.

The campus at which I work is wholly devoted to those termed “special needs” children, in that they suffer from any number of physical and mental afflictions. I am thankful to be working with a faculty that demonstrates compassion and a professionalism that I have scarcely known elsewhere. Moreover, it has been expressed to me in subtlety and nuance that I have sufficiently impressed the administration to such a degree as to ensure inevitable advancement.

However, another promising opportunity has, only today, presented itself… another school has expressed an interest in my services, this one focusing more on behavioral difficulties than those of mental or physical impairment – with a clientele that draws more from the rougher inner-city neighborhoods than the benign outlying suburbs.

Each decision has its assets and drawbacks, such that they are equivocal in advantage with no clear favorite. The only qualifiers which seem to separate them are somewhat pragmatic…

…on one hand, the latter proposition is much closer to my house in proximity (which yields far less wear and tear on our already worn-out Van) and offers me the privilege of being one of the last “authoritarian” influences on these young people before the System belches them out into the world – but without the assurance of professional enrichment or the security of knowing that my superiors are rather taken with me and wish to eventually enlarge my position.

…on the other hand, the former is a “known commodity” in that I am familiar with the rhythms of each day – in addition, there are the aforementioned aspects of upward mobility and financial increase… to say nothing of the progress and affection I have gained with the students in the short time of my employ. Conversely, the work commute each day is rather expensive in fuel usage and I do not know what I will do if/when the Van finally gives up the ghost.

There is more to it, of course, far more than I can expound upon in these few minutes. I still must talk about it further with my wife and, upon tomorrow evening services, speak with my pastor and the Godly men of my local assembly whose counsel I am growing to trust with every moment I spend in their company.

All concerned parties are well informed of this situation and have entrusted me with this decision. I have until Friday morning.

May GOD grant me His wisdom and illuminate the path He would have me take… for His glory alone.


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