"…his little throat labours with inspiration…"

Mood: Ebullient

Weather: Last night`s rain coolly glazes today`s Sunny morn…

Reading: The Princeton Theology (1812 – 1921), edited by Mark Noll, Ph.D.

Listening To: Into The Wild (soundtrack), by Eddie Vedder

Sitting at my desk writing, surrounded by abounding sensory delights…

…the sounds of good music, my children playing, and the wind through the trees…

…the smells of food cooking in the kitchen, the salty Sea air pushing through the curtains, burning leaves and chimney smoke in the air…

…the tastes of hot tea and sweet biscuits…

…the sight of my beautiful baby girl Sophia playing quietly in her cozy corner of the Study, a backdrop of falling leaves seen through the windows behind her…

…with all of this, and more, I can hardly imagine not being inspired to ramble my thought loose upon pages of movable type.

Moreover, it is scarcely for lack of material or creative stimulus that I am not more frequent to write – only for a severe and chronic lack of “leisure” time with which I can thus engage myself. My day starts early and ends late, thick with many varied duties and tasks.

Though I would think of myself as being adept at finding sufficient moments, even in the midst of my labors, to scribble a few harried lines in an errant notebook or on the back of a used worksheet during my Lunch hour – `tis hardly sufficient to craft anything of any significant structure or measure. Leaving me to wedge a few precious minutes of my weekendings wherewith I can sit and write. Ah, but now I am straying from my impetus…

A dear friend recently spoke of what effect my clumsy and long-winded foray into the landscape of publishing one`s thoughts and feelings have had in her own professional sphere of teaching. While her utility of this burgeoning technology certainly ranges far beyond whatever pretentious ponderings I have carved out of this shadowed wild, I must confess that she is not alone in reckoning my meanderings as some form of encouragement… even if it is little more than a little nudge out of the door.

Others have made similar such tributes in the past, some seeming a trifle excessive in their praise, but all of which I have found to be flattering to the point of slight embarrassment… for I would consider myself far more influenced than influential.

It has been my good pleasure to have come into personal contact with no shortage of talented and exceptional minds. People that are of gifts as tremendous as they are varied, from fields of science and technology to those of religion and the arts – all of whom have left an indelible impact on me in some manner.

Even of those who would think they live “mere pedestrian” lives are held with no less fascination for me than others – for their ability to find the beauty imbued within each day by its Author. Verily, there are no little people. All of you are each so beautiful to me, in your ways.

There is still much to be written and much to share, much to see and much to hear…


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