Cæsura (on a wing & a prayer)

“Pencil traceries of our faintest wish in the travel of the horizon merged, nosey cloud obelisks in a dribble of speechless distance…”

This may be the last journal entry for quite some time, and certainly my last entry as a citizen of Oklahoma… barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, I doubt there will be any time to keep my journal while on the road; neither will I waste the hospitality of my hosts in front of a borrowed computer screen.

An ultimate family road trip. Wending and winding through the long highways of America, in a Van pulling a U-Haul trailer. Awesome.

We shall be departing sometime today, in either the early afternoon or the late evening, and arriving at my brother`s home in Memphis.

The next leg of our journey will take us to the quietude of a Brother`s cabin in Eastern Tennessee.

From there we will stay with a Sister`s family in Raleigh, North Carolina… and from there: fair Annapolis, Queen Anne`s city.

I must say that none of this would be possible without the gracious assistance of certain individuals. Those who have offered to open their doors to us along the way and those who gave so abundantly of their time and themselves during these last few days. They know who they are, and I hope they know well of the depth of our appreciation.

These last few days have been maddening, with numerous ups-and-downs. Between preparing for our departure, conducting a rather large “rummage sale” and seeing to the varied needs of our three young children… it has been action-packed, a regular adventure in-and-of itself.

However, the saga is not yet finished. Indeed, were this some long-winded narrative, we would have only completed the prelude – with the meat of the story remaining.

Ah me… it has been five years since I moved my wife and infant child north of the Red River into the high plains of Oklahoma.

Now we (with children three) are venturing into the elder American Mid-Atlantic… on wings, uplifted in prayer.


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