There And Back Again

So… now I am returning Westward, but only for a little while.

I fly out of Maryland at 6am and (after a connecting flight in Chicago) will arrive in Oklahoma by a little after ten in the morning.

This venture, I must say, has been rather profitable for me… and not simply because of the money I was able to earn or even the tanned complexion I got from working out in the Sun six days a week, to say nothing of the eighteen pounds I lost.

No, it has been “profitable” for me as a human being.

Admittedly, I departed from the bosom of my family with some small lingering doubts as to all of the variables surrounding the idea of moving my family to Annapolis… all of which were swept away by one fortuitous consequent after another.

I am not much for “reading tea leaves” or any of that “name it and claim it” balderdash, but I have every indication to believe that this is the wisest decision for my family at this time.

More than that, it where the LORD is leading us… for His own purposes.

Lest I seem overly concerned with the pragmatic, it is not only certain opportunities for personal advancement and/or enrichment that have seemed to almost “fall from the sky” but certain people whom I have encountered in which I believe I have been given a vista by which I might point a hurting and hungry Soul towards the Messiah and His Gospel.

So much has changed since my arrival… hesitancy and gnawing doubts have yielded to an emboldened and thankful heart. My body is alive with energy. A haze of truculence and malaise has lifted from my thought. I am burning with fervor. I am leaner, stronger, and resting heavily in His mercies.

I know what GOD would have me do and where He would have me be… and I am thankful that I have finally begun to listen.


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