Forsaking Not The Assembly

There is some small comfort in one`s expectation being fulfilled. While I often hope to be wrong when my inclinations turn towards pessimism, more often than not it has served me well in being prepared.

It is in the matter of local assemblies that my wariness has proven to be justified.

Though the potentialities here might be rather limited to someone of my “discriminating” doctrinal scruples (due in no small part to the prevailing culture of theological liberalism found in the Eastern Seaboard, but also to the scarcity of Biblical discernment that plagues broader Evangelicalism) I have sought to look deep and wide enough within the fold to find a place where the Name is loved and the Word is cherished.

My “idle” time here has been devoted to two basic ends: the first being the acquisition of some manner of residence and the second being the investigation into the possibilities available in regards to a local assembly.

Over my three weeks of research I have met many warm-hearted and amiable folks… worshipped with them on Sunday mornings, prayed with them on Sunday evenings, eaten and studied with them on Wednesday nights, and partaken of every available opportunity to gain a strong understanding of where each church stands and to what it sought to accomplish in the name of Jesus Christ.

While my days have been consumed with earning sufficient funds to successfully undertake so tremendous a relocation, many of my evenings have been spent in churches… everything from Bible Study “small groups” and tedious “business meetings” to an old-fashioned “Ice Cream Social” and various other sorts of fellowship meals.

In-between appointments with realtors and interviews with public/private schools, have been several conversations with local Pastors; some held in their offices and others over lunch at a nearby restaurant – discussing everything from theological/social/political “hot-button” issues and other more intellectual profundities, to such simple trifles as college football and the nuances of the local maritime industry.

This is the last weekend I will spend here in Annapolis before my departure on Tuesday morning…

…but if all goes well upon my return to Oklahoma, and the ensuing Eastward voyage back to Maryland (this time with my family in tow), it will not be the last LORD`s Day spent in fellowship with the congregation of Heritage Baptist Church of Annapolis.


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