Home, Away From Home

After long arduous hours of tedious negotiations, I and my Landlord have struck an accord.

Uh… not really. The truth of the matter is that I had some dealings with this gentleman a week or so prior and, based on his own intuitive personal appraisal (of which I have only scant detail), tonight he offered me a two-story/three-bedroom house at an absurdly inexpensive monthly rate. I can only marvel at so providential an arrangement for us in this monumental transition.

Tucked into the quiet wilderness of the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Annapolis, just outside of the main nerve center of the historic downtown vicinity, we are only a few minutes from the Highland Beach area of Chesapeake Bay. `Tis a tranquil locale, where only the chirping of birds and insects drowns out the distant sounds of crashing surf; and the only significant traffic consists of local residents and the occasional train of baby Ducks.

It is a spacious Cape Cod-style home of old New England charm, combined with the benefit of several modern architectural enhancements over the years.

The previous owners screened-in the front porch before eventually turning it into a Sunroom with Jalousie Windows that serves as a broad Front Hall area.

At the rear corners of the house, the previous owners built a vast window-lined Utility Room on one side and a Parquet-floored Study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves built-in to the walls.

With the upstairs wholly devoted to Bedrooms, the downstairs floor-plan seems almost evocative of the board game Clue with eight rooms on the main level of the house (though I have, as yet, been unable to find any secret passages); in addition, there is a very large Basement underneath that should serve well for storage and a Garage that is accessible through both the Utility Room and the Kitchen.

The grounds have been neglected for quite some time and are in serious disrepair, a job that my wife believes herself to be of adequate qualification. At both the front and rear entrances of the house are brick patios that have aged well and need only to be rid of the scattered tufts of weeds that are strewn about. There are also various other landscaping projects on the horizon for us, but of that I will refrain for a later date.

All of this (the value of the house combined with that of the area), when gauged to the averages of the Annapolis-area housing market, should put our monthly Rent at no less than two to three thousand dollars per month.

By the gracious mercies of the LORD in the midst of the whims of men`s hearts, we shall be paying the paltry sum of 900 dollars per month. A ridiculous sum for even a two Bedroom house in the rougher parts of town, yet His providence abounds.

For this, and many other wonders I have late beheld of GOD`s Grace, I praise and honor Him.


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