Singing In My Chains

It has been more than two weeks since I have seen my loved ones; sixteen long days spent here in the town of Annapolis in the “Old Line State” of Maryland, a glimmering jewel along the Mid-Atlantic coast of these United States.

Arriving only a fortnight hence… I have swam in the midnight darkened waters of the Atlantic Ocean under a starlit sky; I have had the edges of my feet nibbled gingerly by the docile Blue Crab of the Chesapeake Bay; I have walked in ancient hallways and listened to the long forgotten echoes of America`s infancy; I have smelled the festering Potomac from the pristine manicured grasses of Washingtonian marble gardens; I have labored my hands and feet bloody raw during blistering days only to enjoy a sublime reprieve of falling asleep to the soft lullaby of the turning of the Tides; I have wept bitterly in longing for those I love and yet felt my spirits soar at the inexhaustible Grace in which He has surrounded me.

Hunger has waved to me from the distances of hours as manifold tasks and duties have consumed my consciousness. Long neglected ribbons of muscle within the lines of my legs and back, flare into new life along the bustling Docks of the Bay. My shoulders are thickening under the strain of grueling labor and browning under twelve-hour long and cloudless days; my hands remember their forgotten power. I am drifting wood being carved by the Sea.

Separated from almost everything that brings me comfort within this world, I am only consoled by Him and have come to appreciate His potency in the light of my frailty all the more. Often exhausted and worn away, I am roused onward in demonstrances of endurance that I can scarcely comprehend.

There is more to tell of my time here than my time allows, but I would write that I have been greatly blessed the days that have passed thus far – and that I look forward to just what the LORD has for me in the remaining week of my presence here, before my return to the sweet bosom of my family in the high plains of Oklahoma.

I have often been alone, and I have never been alone.


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