This One Goes Out To The One I Love

Pray for me, pray for my wife and children…

…I am flying out of Oklahoma City on Delta flight #5101 at 12:35pm Central Standard Time, to arrive in Cincinnati at approximately 03:40pm. Following an hour layover, I will depart again on Delta flight #5050 at 04:35pm; to arrive in Baltimore at 06:07pm Eastern Standard Time.

This will be the longest my beloved and I have been apart since our college days, and it will be the first time I have ever been away from my children for any significant amount of time… I must admit, I am not taking it well.

Due to the uncertainty of what all my time in Annapolis shall entail, I do not know if will be able to update this journal; but I shall be keeping a book in which to write the chronicle of my days.

“…but I`m with you always, I`m with you rain or shine.

May the LORD lead, guide, and direct my steps in these days to come; may He be comfort to I and my family; may our love and lives remain in His sovereign hands.



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