"…I shall say good night `til it be the morrow…"

Bags packed and all is ready, as ready as it could be…

A single carry-on bag of luggage containing enough clothing to last me a month (as long as I do laundry once a week) and all of the various sundry materials needful for this particular expedition: Bible, an elegantly bound copy of Moby Dick as well as The One and The Many, an mp3 player (bundled with an extra CD full of mp3 files), a digital camera with re-chargeable batteries (and charger), a USB cord, a portfolio containing important papers as well as personal identification, and an empty journal with which I shall record my journey… though I doubt there will ever be an opportunity to transcribe it here.

My mission and ambitions for this endeavor are clear and far-ranging…

First and foremost, I must secure housing arrangements. While I have given considerable time and research via the manifold resources of the Internet, there is very little one can do on this end of the coaxial cable that connects me to Annapolis… I must investigate the residences in person, and find a home for my family.

In addition to this, I must also see about other such practicalities as utilities, auto registration, and local city ordinances pertaining to our forthcoming relocation. To say nothing of the importance of finding a tolerable “church home” for my wife, my children and I – though, at first glance, there seems to be rather slim pickings.

According to the website of the Southern Baptist Convention, there are only five SBC-affiliated churches in the entire town of Annapolis… of those five: one is pastored by a woman (II Timothy 2:12-15 and Titus 1:5-16), another is a “black church” with a 93 year-old pastor, one maintains a “dual-alliance” with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (a liberal quasi-denomination), and another is an obvious “emergent church” called Junction 111. The only one out of these “winners” that remains, I do not know anything about… because they do not even have a website.

So, suffice to say, I have my work cut out for me in that department.

On the lighter side of things, I look forward to exploring the many particulars of Chesapeake Bay life…

…visiting the campus of St. John`s to talk with the students and professors, swimming in the deep cold Atlantean waters, working long sunburned hours along the Dock of the Bay, standing astride the bow of a ship as it carves a frothy path through the Deep, scouring the local public library for ancient volumes of forgotten lore, and even dropping in on the Dock Street, West Street, and Park Place Starbucks so as to give my beloved a detailed summary of their service and atmosphere.

Yet… lest I seem altogether too eager, let me communicate that it is with the utmost difficulty that I so depart. Would I could accomplish all that is needful without leaving the sweet bosom of my dear ones.

It is with an arduous pain that I leave them, and I cannot imagine anything so wrenching to my familial sensibilities as to be gone from their company for so long a span.

“Good night, good night!

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

that I shall say `good night`

`til it be the morrow…”

Were I not to count the gain of this venture to far surpass its cost, I would not even consider it… but it must be. It must be.


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