Little By Little, One Travels Far

A considerable amount of this day was spent in preparation for my imminent departure, which was slightly hampered by some few pressing needs of the immediate. The day began rather early and has only begun to wind down in the last couple of hours.

Even at this late hour, after a long and cumbersome day, I remain in the midst of outlines and errands… to do all I can before my leaving.

It began and ended with overcast skies, but between the trickling rumbling gray were long golden moments of Sunlight… and `twas also so for me.

There were books to be sorted through, appointments to be kept, arrangements to be confirmed, and numerous other distractions… but between and surrounding this din were precious sweetnesses. The giggling playing voices of my children, glimmering fireflies, lingering looks shared secretly between my beloved and I, a rollicking birthday party, warm sweet late Summer breezes in the cool of early evening, a feast, and answers to long-spoken prayers.

O how few days remain, so few days remain.

Already my Soul has made a million unspoken farewells to all that surrounds me… but I have not yet relinquished my grip.

…little by little, one travels far.


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