“…and I’m gonna be high as a kite by then…”

Reservations are confirmed… I will be flying out of Oklahoma City on Saturday July 28th at Noon (Central time), arriving in Cincinnati by 03:40 (Eastern time) and departing again by 04:35pm, touching down in Baltimore by 06:07 in the early evening.

From which my uncle will be picking me up at the airport and taking me to his home in Annapolis.

At present, my return arrangements remain tentative; but, if all goes according to plan, I shall be returning upon the latter weeks of the month of August… no later than the 27th day.

My month-long stay in Annapolis will be for neither pleasure nor adventure, but for the various pragmatic preliminaries of a relocation… as I and my family will be moving from Norman (Oklahoma) to Annapolis (Maryland), immediately upon my return… only, of course, if it be the LORD`s Will.

Though not by necessity correlative to and/or of our transport, a subsequent attribute of this endeavor will be my ensuing attendance of St. John`s College.

While I have been already accepted for the coming term (which begins August 21st), I will likely postpone my enrollment for the Winter semester (at the earliest) or for the following Autumn (at the latest).

Before that can come to pass, I must first “ensure the domestic tranquility” of my household… living arrangements and other such provisions must, of course, precede any further ambitions or plans.

To this measure, my wife shall be transferring her employment to a local venue and I shall be in the employ of my uncle`s business until I can find work within my field.

Of course, my uncle has made it clear that I can work with/for him at my leisure and such an arrangement would be most advantageous during the rigors of the St. John`s academic schedule – not to mention the fact that my uncle will pay me better than I would otherwise make in my current vocation.

Ah, but so much remains hidden and time will tell what is truly to be… indeed, the heart of man plans his way but it is only the LORD that establishes his steps.


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