Today is my 31st birthday…

If I could summarize or dare to encapsulate the span of time o`er these last three hundred-odd days with a few pithy words or snatches of phrase, `twould be something along the lines of: the last year has been one of tempestuous change and transitions of both immediate as well as gradual realization.

Verily, I have had sudden revelations spoken out of whirlwinds and I have had wandered in the desert of my solitary thoughts for the better parts of months.

So many events have occurred since the turning of my thirtieth year that I could only refer a curious inquisitor to the voluminous pages of my journal to even grant them a glimmer of the three-hundred sixty-five Suns that have risen and fallen on me hence.

In the days that have followed the Dusk of last Twelfth of July I have celebrated the tenth year of being entwined in heart with my dearest love, my closest companion and most trusted councilor; I have welcomed a newborn daughter, and reveled in the warmth of my children`s love, I have started and stopped attending college (again); I have started a new teaching job and almost lost it for reasons too absurd to be believed; I have remained ardent to old friends, grown to love newer acquaintances, and lamented others with whom I have lost touch, I have made plans and plans within plans, most coming to naught whilst others led to slender tendrils of imaginings that bloomed into tremulous reality; I have grieved, mourned, laughed, bellowed, whispered, wept, and marveled at the dizzying joys & sorrows of a miraculous daily existence… I have worshipped the LORD in Spirit and in Truth, I have Sinned, I have been Forgiven.

At this time last year, I felt as though I was at the foot of a mountain and had yet to even touch the sheer cliffs at its base… now, even as I have completed only a single clutching heft of my climb, I see that much remains undone and that I must steel my resolve for the challenges that lay ahead.

Challenges, and change… ah yes, there is much change that is to come.


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