Home Economics

Strange as it may seem, I have found myself wondering (among many other things) about economics in recent weeks – particularly the comparisons in costs between different locations…

Norman town, for example, has a higher cost of living than most of the rural areas of central Oklahoma – at the same time, the wage earning possibility is higher in Norman than those same rural areas. Such as it seems to go for the rest of the country as well. Higher wage averages presuppose a higher cost index, and vice versa.

There are many people with whom I am familiar spread from one corner of this country to the other – some of whom earn more in a week than I make in a year, while others can afford to live far less expensively than would be possible here in the more “urban” parts of Oklahoma.

Busboys in New York City make more than teachers in Topeka, and a tenement apartment in Baltimore costs more per month than a nice house in the provincial suburbs right outside of the city.

I know of friends and relatives that are traveling through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East – each with varying accounts of cost and ideas of what is considered “expensive” by the local residents.

Paired with this there seems a near-singular perception of “American” affluence and economy.

I remember telling a Scottish friend of mine, Ryan (pronounced REE-un) whom lives in Edinburgh with his wife and young daughter, about trying to find a three-bedroom house to rent for around $600 a month… to which he could only marvel at the relative inexpense.

Uh, I don`t really have any profound conclusion to all of this, or even some great overarching theme… it is just something that I think is interesting, and something to which I have given more than a moment`s consideration to of late.


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