In Dependence DEI

“…some folks are born made to wave the flag,
ooh, they red, white and blue;
and when the band plays hail to the chief,

ooh, they point the cannon at you…

it ain`t me, it ain`t me, I ain`t no Senator`s son;
it ain`t me, it ain`t me, I ain`t no fortunate one…”

Last year, during this time, I wrote:

I fear that too many find the terms “Christian” and “American” to be redundant, ascribing a sort of eschatological assumption as to the innate goodness of the land of their birth – I know this from experience.

We have forgotten that our place within the suburban wastelands of this gilded country is the same as that of our Brothers among the bloody Maoists in China or the Mohammedan fanatics in the burgeoning Islamic empire…

…we have forgotten that we are adopted heirs to an eternal kingdom, that we are but simple emissaries to a dying world, that to live is Christ and to die is gain.

If we (as His bond-servants) are a nation, then we are a nation of priests – separate and cut-off from the ways of the world and called out from it to be beacons unto Him.

Our loyalties with each other should cross every international border, irrespective of the political loyalties of the day.

…and I have not wavered from this; all the more I have only embraced it deeper within my understanding.

There was once a time when I found conservative political principals to be equivalent with those of my religious beliefs, until probing deeper into the matter by His precious Word revealed to me that I had created an idol in the land of my birth and the system of my berth.

My LORD came into this world in the incarnation of a homeless vagabond, utterly alienated from its twisted quips and wanton guile – for it was thusly estranged from His ways. There was no home for Him here… His kingdom was not of this earth, but within the hearts of His people. It is only to that nation that I swear my allegiance, and only to His sovereignty do I submit myself.

The abundant grasses will, in time, wither away and the radiant beauty of the flowers will fade away… but the Kingdom of Heaven shall stand Forever.


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