"…and Home again, and again."

We have returned… a little worse for wear, and glad to sleep in our own familiar beds.

Our time in Texas was a grand time and we parted company with wistful sadness, venturing out under the cover of pre-Dawn darkness.

My uncle Michael was there, having been just released from a rather long term imprisoned down in south Florida.

His health is good and he seems ready to turn his life around… clean & sober, straight & narrow, etc. I was able to talk with him a great deal, to hear of the horrors of his time incarcerated, and to avail myself of whatever spiritual assistance or pithy encouragement my words can serve.

I only wish I could do more, the path he must now walk is going to be a difficult one. I shall pray for him…

My mother`s eldest brother George was also there, as it was him that picked Michael up at the Penitentiary and brought him to my parent`s estate in East Texas. Having not seen George since the Summer of `95, it was wonderful to get together and talk of many things… not least of which being our impending relocation to Annapolis.

George brought forth several points and issues of which we had only just scratched the surface in previous exchanges. We came to an accord that I should first come to Annapolis myself and live with him and his family for a time – working for him at his company and scouting out the lay of the land, so-to-speak. Making arrangements and laying the groundwork for my family`s invasion in late Summer.

Yet there remains still so much to be done, so it is all mere speculation at this point.

My aunts Cathy and Cheryl (my mother`s younger sisters) were both also there, their children as well.

These younger cousins of mine are closer to my own children`s ages, so I tend to consider them more as nephews and nieces rather than proper “cousins” – my children, however, regard them amongst their favorite playmates… especially my aunt Cathy`s youngest son Ryan.

Between mornings of home-cooked Breakfasts and late evenings of laughter, to say nothing of the single most hilarious afternoon I have ever spent on a golf course, it was a week filed with loving familial merriment…

Our long return drive was arduous, and we are still somewhat weary from our travels.

Now, we are home… and there is much to be done in preparations and tasks.

Much to be done.


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