There And Back Again…

June`s last days find us returning to the deep woods of East Texas, as we are departing this afternoon… in fact, the van is packed and idling in the driveway…

From the weekend through the first half of the week, we shall be dividing our time between members of mine and Candace`s extended family in the small town “Oil Belt” vicinities of Tyler/Longview.

After which we shall stay with my wife`s grandparents on their quiet estate outside of Athens until the weekend… with a wedding to attend in Tyler before our return.

Almost all of my mother`s siblings will be there, some of which I have not seen in several years. It shall be something of a family reunion, and I look forward to spending time with them and talking late into the Night.

Moreover, this trip is an attempt to maximize the amount of time we shall be able to visit with them all… a “goodbye” of sorts, for it will be a rather long time before we are ever able to visit East Texas again.

…until later, adieu.


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