Laudator Temporis Acti

Why am I so overly concerned and/or impressed with things that are evocative of ancient times?

Be it my longing to read Aristotle`s Poetics at the crumbling ruins of the Acropolis, to trace the lines of mortar between the bricks of the Great Wall of China, or to cool my heels upon the glistening banks of the River Jordan…

Jerusalem, Oxford, Wittenberg, Athens… the relics and artifacts of time immemorial hold a greater marvel to me than perhaps they ought.

How much also do I attempt to ferret out anything of historical note within the very youthful state in which I now reside… and the elder portions of this adolescent America (with her stately New England and ripe Mid-Atlantic) have long beckoned me to its sweet shores.

I never even came to appreciate my own surname until I first learned of its primeval origin and fascinating etymology (which spans a millennium).

Old ways, archaic knowledge…

Roots of Parsley, Alfalfa, and Dandelion boiled together in a certain mixture cures fatigue; Seaweed for an underactive Thyroid and Kelp for an overactive one; charred wood applied to skin to draw out the poisons of insect stings; a brew of Black Cohosh, Red Clover, and Dong Quai increases fertility (in women); a thick stew of Comfrey, Endive, Parsley, and Wheat Grass can help the body stave off Arthritis…

…all these, and other countless recipes, have been passed along from Mothers to Daughters for centuries.

I further lament, in vain folly, all of that which I imagine has been lost to the silence of Time`s incessant march… in lieu of novel the cultural trivialities and puerile humor of our present media-saturated epoch.

Certainly I do not delude myself into thinking that we, of this hyper-modern and technologically advanced age, somehow loom superior to those whom have come before – neither is it the other way `round.

Inasmuch as former days were no better than these we master now, there is yet nothing new under the Sun – and the supposed wisdom of the world ever-remains as mere folly before that of its LORD.


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