Father`s Day

Upon a moment`s reflection, I think of my father… and the fathers of my line, going backwards through the corridor of time to the dark woodlands of ancient America.

I think of sacrifice and diligence, grace and contempt. Wars, tragedies and rapturous joys. Backs broken under pain of miserable toil, long days and longer nights. The bittersweet stoic loneliness of being a man.

My father… at one time both a paragon and an epitome; my first and most influential teacher, my most scathing detractor. A life shared between sweet embraces and spears hurled in rage.

The fathers that came before… who, alongside my mothers, wrought a great chain of familial bonds that remain encoiled within the depths of my heart`s-love.

Of myself, also I sing…

Here I stand, heir to a legacy of as much vice as virtue… with few in my pedigree that have been claimed by Him, I stand with my feet entrenched within the rushing streams of Native and Celtic blood.

Born fifty generations after a dead line of pagan kings. Peasants, Warriors, Shamans, Drunkards, Poets, Whoremongers, Ministers, Scholars, and braggarts vile all number the men who have borne my name before me.

Of this noble and ignominious line, the LORD has claimed a measly estate within my mind and garrisoned Himself inexpugnable within my heart.

Above and beyond any fathers I have astride the land, or buried within the soil, I honor the All-Wise Bright LORD of Heaven and Earth with this day`s distinction. The One that is Father, King, and GOD of All.

I am His more than I am even mine own.


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